Online Marketing an Integrated Approach

Online Marketing an Integrated Approach

Today we’re recapping a series of posts centered around online advertising and online marketing. These two are growing in importance, and will continue to shape our business success in 2014. We’ve covered pay per per click (PPC) advertising. Google AdWords PPC advertising. Email marketing for business, and it’s amazingly high return on investment. Online video […]

The SMO of SEO – It’s all Changing Again!


Social media optimization (SMO) has been around a few years, but recently has taken on a new depth of meaning. Joshua Berg, an expert in this field, is now saying that social media optimization (SMO) is part of SEO, and he’s exactly right. Originally, SMO simply referred to driving traffic to your website or blog […]

Online Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Online marketing takes many different forms, and knowing which to choose is important. We’ve covered search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) advertising, email marketing and native advertising. Today we’re going to cover another very effective form of online marketing: video marketing. Video marketing has many advantages, particularly when it comes to SEO and […]

C Spire Announces Fiber Internet in Mississippi

C Spire Fiber Internet

Today Mississippi-based wireless provider announces it will offer 1 Gbps fiber Internet to nine Mississippi communities including Batesville, Clinton, Corinth, Hattiesburg, Horn Lake, McComb, Quitman, Ridgeland and Starkville. Pricing for this service starts at $80 a month or $140 a month for Fiber Internet and digital TV. If you’re already a C Spire customer you […]

Email Marketing for Business

Email Marketing for Business

Our current ‘blog series’ has been about online advertising and marketing. So far we’ve done a brief survey of different forms of online advertising, and then we narrowed the field to look at pay per click (PPC) advertising generally, and Google AdWords specifically. These are only a few of the approaches a business can take […]

Google AdWords PPC Advertising

AdWords PPC Advertising

In the world of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, there’s no doubt that Google AdWords is king. Nearly 70% of all search traffic goes through Google, giving them the ideal opportunity to sell ad space on their site and become the leader in PPC. AdWords works on a bidding system, matching up user search terms […]

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

At the top of new and emerging forms of online advertising lies Pay Per Click (PPC). Most people have probably had some exposure, at minimum, to this topic, which is such a new form of advertising that some industry experts say we’ve barely even scratched the surface of what can be done with PPC. But […]

A Brief Survey of Online Advertising

Online Advertising

As the internet marketplace has exploded in popularity and revenue, businesses are gradually moving more and more of their marketing and advertising budgets into online marketing. To effectively use that money, business owners need to understand advertising on the internet – what it is, what it isn’t, what it can and can’t do, and especially […]

Positioning Your Business to Take Advantage of the Semantic Web

Semantic Personal Web

As we saw in our last blog post, the internet is moving quickly to personalize data for the end user with the shift toward semantic search. With any new feature, businesses want to position themselves to make good use of technology, and this is no different. Taking advantage of the semantic web for your business […]

The Semantic Web and Semantic Search

Understanding the Semantic Web

Semantic Web and Semantic Search are both terms which are getting a lot of attention in the online world, and particularly in advertising. At their essence, both of these terms refer to the notion of an individual’s online experience being tailored, or personalized, particularly for them. The web is moving from being a place of […]

An Introduction to Basic SEO Part 2

Extending your SEO Many websites use WordPress, and if your company is we recommend installing the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. This plugin does an outstanding job helping you remember all the key points of SEO by giving you detailed alerts and an overall page SEO rating for each page. For example another key component […]

An Introduction to Basic SEO Part 1

Basic SEO

Given the major changes we’ve recently seen Google take with it’s upgrade to Hummingbird (see this article for a more complete description of Hummingbird), we thought it wise not to forget the basics of search engine optimization (SEO). Many have said that because of Hummingbird and the semantic web, that SEO is dead. However, given […]

Native Advertising for Inbound Marketing

Native Advertising for Inbound Marketing

Native Advertising There are so many new buzzwords in business and advertising – content marketing, SMO, inbound marketing, B2C – and today we’ll take a look at another of the quickly rising stars in advertising : Native Advertising. This is a particular approach that we have used here at Think Webstore since the beginning, and […]

Google Hummingbird for Business

Google Hummingbird

What does Google Hummingbird mean for business? Google Hummingbird is the most significant upgrade to Google search in over a decade. This is not your typical Panda or Penguin update to the already existing algorithm. Rather Hummingbird is a complete overhaul, and actually replaces Google’s previous algorithm. Google Hummingbird is based on the idea of […]

Content Marketing for Small Business

Content Marketing

“Content Marketing” has recently become a major focus for companies working to most effectively use online marketing for their business. The first question is the most obvious: what is meant by the phrase ‘content marketing’? Basically, this means that you use your online content not simply to convey information to your reader, but you also […]

New Blogging Campaign for Local Business

Business Blogging

It’s time for Think Webstore to start blogging! We have touted the benefits of blogging for your business, some of our own employees run very nice blogs, and now we’ll begin our own ‘blogging campaign.’ These new, twice weekly postings will (we hope) have three effects: Blogging for Results 1 – we’ll make use of […]

Christie Farese Launches New Site

  Christie Farese launches her new website, designed by Think Webstore. Christie’s work has been featured in several art exhibitions, including shows at Mistletoe Marketplace, Twenty-Nine 06 Studios, Madison Station School of the Arts, and New Stage Theater. A Mississippi native, Christie resides in the Madison area with her husband and two daughters. Go check […]

Think Honored with Telly Awards!

Think Webstore is pleased to announce that we were awarded 4 bronze Telly Awards in the 33rd Annual Telly Award Competition. The Telly Awards recognize outstanding local, regional, and cable television programs and commercials. Entries come from all 50 states and 5 continents, so winning an award is a huge honor, recognizing truly effective work. […]

Trending on Think Social the Week Ending June 7

Think Social Media

From more announcements about Google Plus taking lead over Twitter as the largest social network by active user count to Diabolo spinning kids there have been many exciting releases, announcements, images and videos this week around the web! You’ll find many of the more interesting one’s right here.

External Links in YouTube Videos – A Video Tutorial

How to add External Links in YouTube Videos

Having external links in YouTube videos has been enabled for some very large select YouTube partners for a long time now, but now it’s for everyone. We all want to have better conversion rates, and drive more traffic to our website’s with better SEO.

Agency became million dollar company in 2012

How to add External Links in YouTube Videos

As published in the Madison County Journal 2/6/2013 Ridgeland-based marketing company Think Webstore became a million dollar company at the end of 2012, less than five years since the doors first opened in 2008.

Griffin Aims Higher

Jason Griffin Hangout

Click to Download PDF   Griffin’s Taekwondo program targets character, higher grades, and self esteem Meet Jason Griffin. A 7th degree blackbelt (Senior Master) in Tae Kwon Do, an active member in his church community at Broadmoor Baptist Church in Madison, and a husband and father of three children. If you ask Griffin “What is […]

The Secret Power of the Bell Curve

The power of the Bell Curve.

A powerful idea that, when applied, can make your marketing and sales efforts sing. We all know of the bell curve. Most of us learned about it in the context of school where it is often applied to normalize grades.

Connect With Your Customers

Many advertisers make basic mistakes.  Make sure to get your message and your presentation right, or suffer the consequences. Whenever you advertise as a business you have the opportunity to make a real connection with your customers.  The most powerful connection you can make is through a meaningful message. There is a tendency in advertising […]

Customer Loyalty begins with Trust.
Consistency is the Key.

Customers that trust you with their business are the best customers to work with, because they allow you to do what you do best! Have you ever wondered how some businesses just seem to have their act together? Have you ever felt confidence in a business more quickly than anticipated? Have you ever felt your […]

Be Known for Something

Is Your Business a “Go To” Place for Something? Just one thing? You should be. This and Two Other Golden Rules to Do Business By. One of the keys to business success, start-up and otherwise, is to be known for something, just one, single something. It allows you to specialize rather than be simply categorized.

Get the Message Out!!

Are You Doing Everything You Can To Communicate With Your Customers? Today’s landscape of communication options can be overwhelming for any sized business, let alone small and mid-sized businesses that already feel crunched when it comes to time and resources for self promotion. However, the plethora of options has also come with advances in the […]

Digital Makeover Give your Company the Gift of Business

How does your website stand up against your competition’s? Does it play well with your social marketing sites? A website can just sit there like a dusty can on a shelf. Or, it can be a vivid expression of what you want your business to be and how you want it to compete with others. […]

Carter Executes Detailed Plan Perfectly

Carter Executes Detailed Plan Perfectly

by Martin Willoughby Originally Published August 9,2010 in the Mississippi Business Journal >>Download PDF Scan of Article with Pics Marketing is a very common business concept, but one that I find is interpreted and applied very differently by business people. Marketing is often seen as a luxury, and not a necessity, so it is often […]