At Think you will find expert direction to help guide your business through the ins and outs of marketing, advertising, product and service design, and business. While we deliver many of the same products as an advertising agency or business consulting group, we are much more than either. We put our sciencey, businessy, creative intelligence to work for you in many ways to help you along. On this adventure you will encounter many creative intelligence services. Here are some of the big stops along the way.


We can legally tell you things about your customers with disturbing accuracy. Some consent based and some without any consent. Even though CIA (Creative Intelligence Agency) is in our name, we probably should not be able to get this information. But since we can, we do and we choose to use our data for good. Educating your potential customers to the true benefits of the products and services you provide.

Business Intelligence

We are talking real CIA (Creative Intelligence Agency) stuff. We know things. We know things we probably shouldn’t, but we do. We can tell you who your customers are today and a year ago. Where they live. Where they work, And, how they travel to get to you. We also do all of that analytic stuff. And, we weed out data that does not meet our certainty criteria.

Physical Customers

• How many people have entered your physical store in a given month in a given year (yes, we can be even more specific).

• Where store visitors live and where they work.

• Routes store visitors travel to get to you and take once they leave.

Website Visitors

We are able to build profiles of website visitors without using forms. All they have to do is visit your site. We only send information that passes certainty criteria (so, no bots). Potential information gathered includes the visitor’s:

• First and Last Name
• Email Address
• Phone Number
• Employer and Employer Profile
• Social Media Profiles
• And, much more and the collection of data can be categorized, sorted, analyzed, imported, and acted on in most major CRM packages.

Design Intelligence

We design things. All kinds of things. Package designs, ads, posters, magazines, websites, monstrous costumes, customer experiences, spaces, business cards, point of sale displays, 3-D and other-D augmented reality experiences, products, and police cars. Because, we design.

Marketing Intelligence

We research it. We segment it. We plan it. We market it. If you are ready to go to market, we are ready to take you there.

Media Production

When the big ideas strike the pavement they turn into online properties, websites, videos, augmented reality, print designs, writings, vehicle wraps, and other really cool creations that whistled out from the land of imagination and board room wisdom. There are few prides to rival bringing new things into the world. We want to do that for you.

Media Placement

Now that you’ve made really cool stuff from nothing but buckets of strategy and imagination, it will not matter if no one experiences it. It can be local, national, or somewhere in between. It might go social, or digital, or be aimed at Grammie’s HD rabbit ear antenna. We have done it all, and even rocked a couple of virals to the tune of 4 million+ views. You just have to be smart.

Social Media

Social media encompasses more every day. What started with MySpace and Facebook is now a sea of applications. We discriminate. We find the channels that work for you and give you (magnificent) presence. One day a week or every day a week. You choose. You scale. You execute with creative intelligence.

Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO, Onsite SEO, and Off Site SEO. Choose one or all three. We will make you famous on search engines.

Reputation Management

What people say about you matters. Let us help people sing your praises from high, or at least from their phones and laptops. From text reviews to videos. We can get you covered. You will thank your stars.


Whether you are running a vanity, brand campaign or selling one of those new fangled widgets, we have you covered. We will help you calculate the value of a single new customer. We can do relative measurements, or for other digital marketing campaigns, we can tell you which of the customers that experienced your “reach out” has walked through your doors. Now that is how you measure Return On Investment, and part of our creative intelligence services.