Online Marketing an Integrated Approach

Online Marketing an Integrated Approach

Online Marketing an Integrated Approach
Online Marketing an Integrated Approach

Today we’re recapping a series of posts centered around online advertising and online marketing. These two are growing in importance, and will continue to shape our business success in 2014.

We’ve covered pay per per click (PPC) advertising. Google AdWords PPC advertising. Email marketing for business, and it’s amazingly high return on investment. Online video marketing, and finally we covered how social media optimization (SMO) relates to search engine optimization (SEO).

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC ads are setup on an auction system, and are a way for companies to pay for advertising in search results from search providers such as Google or Bing. Some of the key elements to PPC ads are as follows:

  • pay attention to bid adjustments (don’t over or under pay for clicks)
  • keyword research (as well as negative keywords)
  • high quality, keyword focused landing pages
    • quality scores are critical
    • the relationship between keyword, ad text and landing page
  • better quality scores lead to higher ad rank, and lower cost

While PPC advertising campaigns can be expensive, keeping in mind the above guidelines will set your company on the right path to PPC success.

Email Marketing for Business

Email marketing has a proven track record of success, and is one of the most established forms of online marketing. Interestingly, email marketing is more relevant today than it’s ever been because of it’s personal nature. The web is becoming a more personalized experience, and email marketing fits well with this model.

One of the most appealing aspects to email marketing for business is the high return on investment (ROI) that it delivers. For example, email marketing averages a revenue more than double the amount spent to generate it. This from a Marketing Sherpa survey finding that the ROI on email marketing was 119%, or more, for business.

Your keys to email marketing success are:

  • keep your content valuable and high quality
  • your emails should be a go-to place for helpful content
  • they should build a relationship between you and your clients
  • should present your company as the expert on topics

Online Video Marketing

Video marketing is not only engaging, and highly sharable, but because of these it has real SEO value as well. It’s no secret that Google tends to rank video content more highly than textual content, and this can be very advantageous for online marketing. For example, we’ve recently seen Google Hangouts on Air videos rank very well in Google search for some competitive keywords, and almost immediately.

Not surprisingly Google favors YouTube over other video, and a recent Marketing Land article outlines how YouTube videos are 8 out of 10 videos in Google search. YouTube videos work very well with SEO because they have titles, and descriptions into which you can place your keywords. Be sure to keep your video content helpful, and of a high quality for success with online video marketing.

The SMO of SEO – It’s all Changing Again!

Social media optimization (SMO) is now a key component to your successful search engine optimization strategy. With the recent release of Google’s Hummingbird update we’re seeing increased weight added to social signals. In a recent Search Engine Land article Eric Enge, a well respected leader in SEO, wrote, “With Hummingbird, Google now has the infrastructure to better process social signals (among other things).”

With social media signals taking a more prominent role in search engine optimization, the value of social media optimization has never been higher. These two, combined with PPC, form a solid search engine marketing campaign.

With a combined strategy of pay per click, email marketing, video marketing, and social media optimization, your company will have the kind of integrated online presence necessary for a strong bottom line in 2014.