Rule #2 || Think it Through || Good & Plenty Silly Rant

Good & Plenty, the OLDEST branded candy in the United States, is more than plenty with 3.5 servings per movie size box! Except for whomever ends up serving number 4.

What is up with the half serving?  Have you ever stepped up to the bar, ordered a beer and been given HALF a bottle?

Is the plan to short the fourth comer? And, with 33 G&P candies per serving, that gives us 16.5 pieces of candy for the already shorted fourth serving.  Are they planning on and promoting that nearly always found defective piece of candy, a.k.a the “nub”?

I have eaten plenty of Good & Plenty since Walgreen’s opened the “Don’t you wish you were at the movies” Isle of Candy Memorabilia.  And, admittedly, I look forward to the “nub” piece of candy that is at least half shorter than the rest but sports a much higher than average candy coating to licorice ratio.

To the average consumer, the crazy per serving equation is admittedly a coin toss science if not just plain bunk (I say the 4.5 servings is really more like a solid 2 for the experienced consumer).  We won’t even go into the missing grams of food stuff on the label (check out the label) and do the math to find 37.2 out of 40 grams accounted for leaving 2.8 grams of missing stuff per serving) and we can also agree that no one pays *that* much attention to the label when gobbling down these pink and white tasties. However, my thought is that we should at least *plan* for consistency and make it look as though it was at least thought through in perfect measure of perfect candies.

After all, they have had since 1893 to think it through.

For the record, I still love Good & Plenty, even the missing stuff.

In belief of all things silly and poignant to better illustrate the important things in life.

Rule #2 || Think it through